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I'm Lauren Mason

I'm a yoga therapist and leader in professional yoga services. I have brought together teams of excellent yoga teachers and yoga therapists to provide excellent yoga programming created from our years of experience teaching trauma-conscious adaptive yoga. We support treatment centers, clinics, and hospitals in their mission to provide holistic treatment for their patients and clients. 

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What We Offer

Yoga at Home

Ease and Impact

When you hire our team of professionals, you not only will receive the highest quality teachers to provide high-impact holistic programming, you will eliminate the complexities of hiring and managing a team.


Simple Management

  • Allow us to manage all the logistics of teacher coordination, training, scheduling, and payment.

  • We ensure there is always a teacher there to deliver quality programming

  • Direct pay to one contract instead of having multiple contractors on payroll


Effective Treatment

  • Facilities with quality holistic programming support every aspect of patient healing

  • With a universal shift towards holistic and preventive care, including yoga programming will allow your facility to remain a modern, effective, and appealing place for patient treatment.

Custom Programming

We work with you to combine the most effective elements of yoga practice into group sessions that will best suit your clients and patients.


Gentle exercise to promote physical health and positive body awareness



Mental practices to help steady the mind and support cognitive function



Simple techniques to calm the nervous system and aide in emotional processing



Process groups and application of other techniques to aide in understanding and peer support


Successful Outcomes

90% of patients participating in our yoga sessions report improvements, including stress relief, relaxation, and a better outlook on their recovery.

Sample Programming

Wooden Structure


Private Clinic

Basic Programming

  • Two weekly yoga classes

  • One facility location

  • Adult patients

  • Taught by specialized yoga teacher with custom plans

  • $200 weekly


Treatment Center

Yoga & Discussion Groups

  • Three weekly sessions: one hour for yoga, and one hour for processing and discussion

  • Sessions offered at multiple campuses

  • Adult patients

  • Led by a teacher with additional training in leading group discussion in a treatment setting

  • $570 Weekly


Treatment Hospital

Complex Programming

  • Twice weekly sessions for all units, up to 40 hours per week, serving over 300 patients

  • Taught by specialized teachers and yoga therapists with the highest level of training and experience

  • Monthly budget allows for additional classes and special events at no additional cost to the facility

  • Adolescent and Adult patients

  • Dedicated yoga therapist supervises and supports teaching team

  • $3,500 Weekly


Please get in touch to see how we can help support your clients with yoga

Lotus Meditation Pose

San Antonio, Texas


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